How Thirsty Are You?

Revelation 22:17b - “And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.”

It occurs to me that all are not thirsty for Christ. It’s not that they haven’t heard the message. If you live in North America today, you’ve likely heard enough to know something about Him. Our whole society is wired around Jesus. Our calendar system, our regimen of holidays, most traditional wedding and funeral ceremonies, etc.

The point being, that many people have determined that they are not thirsty to know more of this Jesus. With time, some will change their mind, but others will never want Him (or at least don’t want their current understanding of Him).

But Jesus’ invitation here is to anyone who recognizes their spiritual thirst. And that invitation comes with no price tag. Just an acknowledgment of one’s desire for what He offers which is this: a life forever with Him.

Drinking His water leads to a life surrendered to Him. That is not an act you muster up the strength to do; rather that is a change that WILL occur in you over time. Drinking His water invites permanent change in you.

So, forget your misgivings about the church for a moment and just consider Jesus. He offers something no else does. A quenching of the thing you’ve been thirsting for and have not found.

Why wouldn’t you take Him up on that?

Pastor Scott