The Redemption U series will continue throughout the fall, where we will be asking some tough questions and seeking answers from the Bible. This will also include a sub-series called “A Christian Response to Contemporary Issues” which will touch on topics such as racism, sexuality, assisted suicide, and elitism. We could play it safe as a church, but we want to see what the Bible has to say in response to these topics that are flooding the news.

The word redemption in the dictionary means to “regain or gain possession of something in exchange for payment, or clearing a debt.” To understand what needs to be redeemed, we must first understand what we have lost. We will be asking questions the following questions (click on the sermon title to listen to each sermon):

What in the World is Going On? (Sept 11)
Does God Really Care? (Sept 18)
Where Do I Go From Here? (Sept 25)
What Do You Have to Lose? (Oct 2)



Join us when we start the first part of “A Christian Response to Contemporary Issues” on October 16, 2016, as we answer some tough questions and gain a deeper understanding of God’s redemptive plan for us.

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