Faith and Family

King of Kings Fellowship worships Jesus in community and seeks to serve the lost and the broken of our city. We are located at 539 - 18 St. S. in Lethbridge, Alberta. We invite you to experience the love of Christ with us.
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Q: What should a local church committed to following Christ look like?

It's possible you've wondered if church is for you. Maybe you've thought about Christianity but didn't know where to start. Maybe you've been to church in the past but found it lacking.

A: A community of people full of love who are devoted to:


Our Key Ministries

We invite you to come participate in worshiping Jesus with us. There are a few core ways we do that every week:

Early Morning Prayer

Join us at the church on Thursday at 7:00 am or Sunday at 9:00 am to agree in prayer together.

Summer Life Group Sessions

Join us Wednesdays through the summer at 7:00 pm for group Bible study and prayer together.

Sunday Morning Service

Join us for Sunday worship at 10:00 am at the church as we celebrate life with Jesus together.

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