Lethbridge Rental Venue

A beautiful church in Lethbridge available to rent for weddings, family reunions, corporate gatherings, and other events.

A beautiful rental venue in Lethbridge for wedding ceremonies
King of Kings is an event rental venue in Lethbridge

Our Building

Our charming historic building is located at 539 18 St S, Lethbridge.

  • Conveniently situated close to Mayor Magrath Drive
  • On-street & angle parking stalls available
Our main hall is the perfect place for group sessions or ceremonies
A rental venue in Lethbridge for weddings, corporate gatherings and other events
King of Kings lobby
There is a nursery to the side for some privacy

Main Floor

Our main floor features a large gathering hall, perfect for ceremonies or large group sessions.

  • Seating for 160 (Balcony included)
  • Sound system and projector available.
  • Private nursery in a back room
Our fellowship hall has room for many people
The kitchen is accessible via serving windows
Rentals include access to a kitchen downstairs
There is a child's room off the one side of the hall

Fellowship Hall

Downstairs we have a social gathering space with rearrangeable tables and chairs.

  • Seating for 70
  • Fully-equipped kitchen
  • Toddler sideroom


What is the capacity of King of Kings?

Our main hall can sit up to 160 people if the balcony is utilized, while our downstairs gathering space  can hold up to 70 people.

Is there parking on-site?

While there is no dedicated parking lot, we do have a set of angle parking stalls along the side of our building, and there is adequate on-street parking in the area.

How much does it cost to rent?

Rental rates will vary widely depending on the specific needs of each rental event. Please contact the church office at (403) 394-0990 or email office@kingofkingsfellowship.com for details.

Are personnel provided to operate the AV equipment?

We do have AV techs available for different types of engagements, schedule permitting. Please contact our church office at (403) 394-0990 or email office@kingofkingsfellowship.com for details.

Is there a WiFi network renters can access?

Yes, we have WiFi available for your confirmed rental event. You will receive login info a day prior to your event.

Interested in renting King of Kings?

Please contact the church office to inquire about booking our church today!